Month: May 2016

Random Blog Day

     Random Blog Day 

     As I write this blog, I’ve realized how much I enjoy podcasting!  Every week I Skype my mentor buddies, Elizabeth and Laurence and we talk about our life struggles, where our podcasts are and where we want them to go and encourage each other to do and be more.  Each of us have different struggles on our journey which means that the solutions vary as much as the struggles themselves do.

     I completely enjoy writing, but something about listening and connecting to someone in person over a podcast is so much more moving.  I love the written word and can’t keep my nose out of a book, but I’ve decided to take my blog to random status.  It will no longer be a weekly blog (unlike my podcast that comes out every single Monday without fail!), but to a “so inspired have to write this to everyone” status of randomness.

     I am appreciating all of your responses and feedback to everything I’m trying to accomplish by bringing positivity into the lives of women!  Keep it coming!  You can catch me on iTunes every week by clicking here:  Lauri’s Lemonade Stand Positivity Podcast for Women or on Facebook by clicking here:  Lauri’s Lemonade Stand Facebook Positivity or simply visiting me on my website by clicking here:

Thank you for your love and dedication!  
Wishing you the best in positivity today and all the days ahead!

5 Teenage Girls = 0 Chocolate Chip Cookies

5 Teenage Girls = 
0 Chocolate Chip Cookies
My Team

     My husband and I help coach the local high school mountain bike team.  We started three seasons ago as just general volunteers, then assistant coaches, then this season as team head coaches.  The team has over 80 kids, 6 head coaches, assistant coaches, ride leaders, general volunteers and parents galore.

     Our season runs December 1st through the end of May – a full six months of practices 4 days a week.  State Championships will be next week as we round out this season.
     Our part of the team (approximately 1/5th of the 80 kids) were mostly middle schoolers and a handful of high schoolers.  Our middle schoolers finished their season last weekend which left us with just our high schoolers which happen to all be girls.

     This season has seen crashes, stitches, endo’s, and wins on the podium, but my favorite part was getting to know each member of our team and watching them grow not only in their skill on the mountain bike, but their sheer determination to push on.

     You can imagine with trails having names such as the Black Beast and Hell Hill for example that you learn to toughen up, but you learn to smile on ones like Backbone, Two Foxes, and Si Nombre…if you’re lucky even the Super Secret Trail.

     The first 6 weeks or so of practice we were able to keep ahead of those kids, but they then pushed us the rest of the season.  Today I just wanted to say thank you to our part of the team.  Thank you for the laughs, the tears, the learning curves, the pushes, the games, and for just showing up practice after practice, race after race.

     Today was my last hard ride with my girls.  We did hill repeats on Rabbit Hill.  By the 5th time up my legs were starting to burn, but I got zero complaints from those girls.  Next week is the State Champs and this season will come to an end, but the memories will live on.  After practice today I gave them a treat of Costco chocolate chip cookies and you know what?  5 Teenage Girls = 0 Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Practice Smiling

Practice Smiling
     When I was interviewing Jo Ellen Soesbee for my podcast, she said something towards the end that I couldn’t stop thinking about.  She was driving along and happened to notice that she could see the driver in front of her in his side-view mirror and she thought, “Does that mean that others can see me in my side-view mirror?”
     Apparently, the gentleman in front of her did not look very happy.  In fact, he looked downright grumpy by all accounts.  That’s when Jo Ellen decided to practice smiling.  She didn’t want people to think that she was grumpy!
     This practice served her well when a client called and said, “I hired you because when I saw you in your truck, you were smiling.”  Wow!  Landing a job because you smiled while you were driving!
Jo Ellen has practiced smiling so much that on a recent girl’s weekend her friends accused her of even smiling in her sleep!  Now that’s some serious smile practicing if you ask me.  🙂
     I decided I would try it out and over this last week I’ve simply tried to smile while I was driving.  Honestly, I felt pretty silly at first and if I knew someone was close enough to see me I acted as if I was listening to some funny comedian on the radio and laughed out loud!
     While I am not perfect at this smiling while I’m driving thing, it has changed my attitude while I drive to be a little more polite and a little more understanding of others while they drive.
Smiling matters!!
     I will keep practicing, Jo Ellen!  To hear more on Jo Ellen Soesbee come on over to the podcast, Lauri’s Lemonade Stand on Apple Podcasts by following this link:  Lauri’s Lemonade Stand Positivity Podcast  I bet you won’t be disappointed!
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