Goal Posts 1 of 4 for 2017

  • Dream Big
    • This month’s Wednesday Blogs will be focused on setting goals or what I have termed “Promises”.  This year I decided to shake things up a bit and use different description words and generally make my goals a lot more FUN!  I wanted to use my creativity and playfulness – we can sometimes be so stodgy, strict, and stick-in-the-muddy when it comes to making our serious goals.  Why?
    • I decided that while I am serious about reaching my goals there wasn’t a reason on earth not to make them fun, playful, creative and attractive.  The Four Blogs will be entitled Dream Big, Reflections, Bite Size Chunks, and Accountability.
    • For today, let’s focus on DREAMING BIG.  How would you complete the following sentences?
    • If money were not an option, I would___________________________________.
    • If I could set my fear aside, I would____________________________________.
    • My dream job would be_____________________________________________.
    • If I had extra money to donate to any philanthropic organization I would pick____________________________________________________________.
    • 3 Things I would add to my bucket list__________________________________.
    • 3 Movies I’ve always wanted to see but haven’t taken the time are____________.
    • If I had an entire day to myself I would spend it doing______________________.
    • If I had more time to workout I would do________________________________.
    • My Secret Destination Dream vacation would be__________________________.
    • Something purely fun I want to learn___________________________________.
    • I want to retire at age_______________________________________________.
    • If I wrote a book it would be titled______________________________________.
    • 2 Projects I’ve put off for entirely too long_______________________________.
    • 1 House Project that I would love to finish this year_________________________.
    • You get the idea here, right?  Allow yourself to dream big.  The goal of this exercise isn’t to necessarily see them ALL happen in 2017, but to realize or work on them this year.  Is Paris your dream vacation?  Start a savings account specifically for that purpose, play a French film with subtitles while eating a crescent to keep your dream alive.  Have a nagging house project?  Write down what it would take to accomplish that goal.  For example, last year I wanted to get new carpet upstairs so long before that became a reality I started saving for the carpet, picked out the carpet and pad as well as got quotes for installation.  Want to donate to a philanthropic organization but don’t have the money you would really like to donate?  So what!  They appreciate all donations.  I donate $10/month to PCRM and this year my husband picked 4 different charities he wanted to support at $5/month each.  Do something…not nothing.
    • And just as a side note…I do have on my promises list for something purely fun.  My hubby and I are going to learn to pop wheelies on our mountain bikes!  Yes!
    • After filling out your DREAMING BIG categories, it’s time to make them fun.  Please tune in next Wednesday for the Reflections topic where I look at my goals that I started printing out in 2010 and how this year I changed them from stodgy to playful.
    • If this was helpful, please leave a comment below as I would love to hear from you!

25 Kinds of Journals to Keep

25 Kinds of Journals to Keep
In a recent podcast interview with Laurie Blackwell (Episode 27), we talked the inside out and sideways of journal writing.  Upon finding out our mutual passion of the subject, Laurie created this amazing list that includes 25 different kinds of journals you could create. 
Laurie also teaches online journaling classes at www.laurieblackwell.com.  
Check out the podcast interview here.  Enjoy and get journaling!
25 Kinds of Journals to Keep
  1.   A Diary :: a fictional pen-pal to write to about all of your happenings and feelings
  2. A Historical Record of Days :: think Lewis and Clark, complete with weather reports and sketches of objects encountered
  3. An Art Journal :: filled with pages of color, collage, drawings
  4. A Travel Journal :: a reflection on and memories concerning a trip away from home
  5. A Pen-Pal Journal :: You complete a page, send it to a friend who makes a page and sends it back to you
  6. A Grief Journal :: a way to remember and honor someone you loved and now miss
  7. A Positivity Journal :: a book to keep all happy thoughts and good happenings in so you can remember how wonderful life really is
  8. A Wish Journal :: a place to keep all those things (thoughts, clippings, pictures) of the things your heart desires
  9. A Dream Journal :: record the subconscious happenings in your mind while you sleep (upon waking up, of course)
  10. A Family Journal :: a place where everyone in the household can express themselves whenever they like (such a keepsake!)
  11. A Letters Journal :: where you write all the letters you will never send but have to put out there
  12. A Book Journal :: a record of all the books you read – when, what, and your own personal review
  13. A Bullet Journal :: the ultimate “get it done” way to organize
  14. A Relationship Journal :: a place to store mementos, dates, and details about your life together
  15. Wonderful Words Journal  ::  put all the words that sound beautiful or mean something special to you in this book, including their definitions
  16. A Poetry Journal ::  write down all your favorite poems, the ones that really move you, all in one journal
  17. A Place to Vent Journal ::  All the stuff you’d like to get off your chest;  write it down here and when the journal is full, throw it away!  
  18. The Things I Never Want to Forget Journal  ::  memories throughout your life that you want to treasure forever
  19. A Journal of My Favorites  ::  a place to record all those things you love the most, like your favorite restaurant, movie, song, scent, season…
  20. A Journal of Recipes :: all the tried and true yummy food and the ones you’d like to make 
  21. A Patterns Journal  :: patterns you love – pieces cut from cloth, magazines, catalogs, and drawings of patterns that you’ve seen or from your imagination
  22. A Healthy Me Journal ::  what you eat each day, goals for being healthier, an exercise log, etc.
  23. A Journal for Doodles  ::  a place to draw to your heart’s content
  24. A Money Journal  ::  where you record all the money that comes into your life and how you spend it;  a pretty and concise way to watch your pennies
  25. A Reflections Journal  ::  an account of things you do and how they could be improved in the future;   this is a game-changer

The Mom Gear

The Mom Gear
Grand Baby Visit October 2016
“Can you watch the kids for a few days?”, my eldest daughter asks.  We have a wedding to go to and then I can get ready for Riley’s 4th birthday party.  I will bring them out to you (about a 3-hour drive) and then you can bring them back for the birthday party.  “Of course!”, I say, “That will be fun!”
Never mind that they had never stayed the night at my house without mommy before and that my youngest left at home is a Junior in high school.  Never mind that I’ve gotten used to actually sleeping through the night and have been spoiled about having most of my time as my own.  Never mind that I rarely change poopy diapers or have to keep “mimi’s”, “b-b’s”,  and “mina’s” definitions straight.

Now, don’t get me wrong…I absolutely adore my grand babies.  They are super cute, loaded with energy and say the funniest things I’ve ever heard.  They are fascinated by the littlest things, call big rocks volcanoes, know how to make my youngest dog do tricks on the walking bridge by our house, and save roly-poly’s by picking them up and putting them on trees.

They finish a huge breakfast eating waffles, bananas, strawberries, and some dry cold cereal to boot and walk away only to be back 15-20 minutes later telling me they are hungry. They dump the entire toy basket out and put it all back at least 5 times a day and that doesn’t count the other two where I put them away for them.

After two days I remembered what it was like to have the extra “mom gear”.  The Mom Gear is only available to moms of young children when they need it.  It’s like a super power that can only be called on when it’s needed.  It’s something akin to the mom’s having an extra pair of eyes in the back of their head.  It keeps you moving when you’ve been up several times a night to a child needing their “mina-mina” (which is a drink to my 2-year old grandson), their “b-b” which is his pacifier, or his “mimi” which is his blanket that he can’t sleep without.

It’s the extra gear you find when you’ve already run 4 loads of laundry that day, but then you forgot to put the 4-year old in a diaper for her nap and she peed during her sleep so you have to do one more load and then scrub the bed.  It’s the extra gear that gives you patience when something you have owned for a very long time gets broken from curious little hands and makes you realize that the kids are far more important than whatever it was that broke.

I was ever so grateful that as a Gram who had not been in this situation for quite a long time that I still had my “Mom Gear” well intact somewhere in the depths my being.  Today, I am grateful to be in the stage of life that I’m in, but I am even more grateful to all of you mom’s like my oldest daughter who possess the “Mom Gear”.  

You are incredible.  You are making a difference in this world with every smile, every load of laundry, ever meal prepared, every errand run, every time you’ve had to call on the strength of God for more patience.

You young moms rock!  This is a shout-out to all of you, but a special shout out to my eldest daughter, Erica.  You are a beautiful, caring, loving mother.  I am so proud of how you are raising these beautiful grand babies of mine.  You matter.  You rock.  I love you, period.

The Power of Negative Energy VS Positive Energy

Negativity Energy VS Positive Energy
Trip to Boise 3/3/16
It was the best of positive times and the worst of negative times…
After being in airports for over 14 hours yesterday I have come to the conclusion that they bring out the best in people and the worst in people. 

My husband and I own our own business and it was already going to be tight having me gone for a couple of days and my hubby started to not feel well.  The morning I’m flying out he woke up with 102 temp and flat on his back in bed.  Just touching my hand to him made me draw back sharply because of the intense heat.  He was my ride to the airport.  I drove my daughter to early morning seminary calling a shuttle on the way.  Luckily they could come and get me, but it was an hour earlier than I had anticipated so I rushed home, finished packing, made breakfast, walked and fed the dogs and smiled when my chauffeur came to the front door.  I was sweating as I very ladylike got into the van.   

On my way to the airport I am frantically texting to take care of things for the day.  Texting our employees (who handled it magnificently by the way) to hold down the shop that day and what would continue to the next, text a friend and neighbor to walk the dogs again after lunch, and call yet another friend to pick up my teenage daughter after school.  I then go through my bag only to realize that I have my very cool Freska mango knife with me.  The driver is grateful to acquire such a lovely trinket.  At least it didn’t get thrown in the trash when trying to go through security.

I get to the airport an hour and a half before my flight and after about 30 minutes of waiting my flight gets delayed and then delayed again.  I end up leaving almost three hours after the original time.  This is where you start to see the true characters of those around you.  While I am concerned and it’s a bummer, I decide to use this block of time to answer emails and polish my speech intro that I wasn’t totally happy with.  Trying to be productive in what for me is this rare opportunity of nothing else tugging at me for my time.  Unfortunate, yes, but not life-threatening.  The flight attendant assures me that my connector flight has also been delayed due to the weather in San Francisco.

One lady is deciding if she should get a rental car and drive to Vegas which is her ultimate destination.  I chat with her a minute about the price and time cost and she decides to wait it out.  One gentleman with his wife is making a joke at every turn and I dub him the “unfunny” comedian.  I listen to a young man on the phone with his mother in San Francisco and he is complaining loudly that he just wanted to watch a movie while on the flight but due to the crappy airport wifi that it will never happen as his computer tells him it will take 7 hours.  He is irritated and has nothing positive to say.

As I wait at the “electronic” plug-in bar so I can charge my laptop and phone I experience positive, caring, even trusting people.  Half a dozen people are trying to charge their devices.  Each of them make room for the others and exchange kind words.  One lady older than me asks if she can plug her phone in beside me.  I tell her I would be happy to watch it while it charges and she trusts me!  Her phone cover is leather and has a pocket on the outside holding cash and her driver’s license and she sits it by me and goes to read her novel two rows away.  I renew my faith in humanity as people care about people and she is so trusting of a perfect stranger.

And then there is the angry redheaded dude.  He was the one in line speaking to the attendant at the counter, visibly upset.  Everything about his demeanor suggested irritation, irritability and a terribly poor attitude.  His actions were jerky and full of negative energy.  I’m not sure what his rush is to San Francisco, but in his mind it must be urgent.  

And then we board plane and who is my aisle partner?  Yep…the red-headed angry dude.  He exuded the most powerful negative energy that I’ve had the opportunity to be so close to in a long time.  Every time the captain came on with an update he would jerk the headphones off his head to eagerly listen.  When the captain would then say there was another 15 minute delay or anything at all he would be slapping his hand on his leg or just into the air and uttering curse words under his breath.  I almost said something to him, but felt that it might make him even more angry.  It was an incredible reminder how negative energy can physically be felt when it is pouring out of someone in such abundance.

I get off the plane in San Francisco and literally run past everyone trying to go down the ramp off the plane and then up the ramp into the terminal only to find out that I had missed my connector flight and would then be in San Francisco for another 6 and a half hours.  Yes, I’m sweating again. 
After a couple of hours and finding vegan food to eat in the airport I glance up at the screen at my gate and it shows the next two flights out…neither of which was mine.  I calmly ask the gate attendant if my gate had changed and she said it had changed to gate 70 in another wing from gate 79 where I was currently standing.  I finish charging my phone and head across the airport.  I get there and it it doesn’t have my flight on that screen either!  That’s when I ate an entire bar of chocolate.  

All of the big screens showing all the flights still say my original gate so I gather up my things and head back.  That screen still doesn’t show my flight, but I feel like I’m in the right place.  Now I start thinking about Boise and how I’m going to get to my dad’s house in Caldwell.  My dad was originally going to pick me up, but that was earlier in the day and now I wouldn’t be arriving until 10:30 at night and after a nasty fall and hip surgery he just isn’t feeling up to it.  I call a shuttle, turns out it’s just a charter, but they are friendly and give me the local taxi service.  Called them, but WOW!  Huge price tag.  I considered getting a hotel for the night when my husband suggests uber.  I download the app, arrive in Boise, grab my bag and the driver arrives in 4 minutes.  I reach my dad at 11:30pm. 7 1/2 hours after I should have arrived.

Traveling by plane, shuttle, taxi, uber…ok, all traveling modes can bring out the worst negative you or the best positive you.  I hadn’t traveled by plane in over 2 years and this was a gentle reminder that people are always watching.

My conclusion?  There is simply no way to avoid bumps in the road.  They are a part of life.  Delays, setbacks, moments where you will be forced to wait when you really just want to take action, moments people send you on a wild goose chase that accomplishes nothing.  How you REACT to those bumps is a test of your true character.  What will people of observe of you when the next bump comes along?

Favorite Things

Heaven is…
Do you have those fun little things that make you just smile?  Of course you do!  I found a list in my notebook today that must have been written a year ago about a few of my favorite things.  It totally made me smile and so I figured I would share it with you today!
After reading my list, please comment below on at least your top 5-10 favorite things.  
Can’t wait to hear from you!
butterfly kisses
brace-face smiles
someone else folding my laundry and doing my dishes
reaching a milestone
a really good haircut
mountain bike rides
hugs (I’m a firm believer in hugs!)
new workout clothes
just-washed towels and sheets
new pillows
a long, unhurried visit with a friend
babies laughing
my favorite book
Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley
singing along with my favorite song
electricity!  (power was out last weekend)
jeans that fit just right
a clean, organized house
waffles on Sunday morning (A Mackey Tradition)
empty laundry hampers

Smiling is contagious…can’t wait to smile with you!

I’m Not That Special

I’m Not That Special
“Well, you just think about it!  You just sit down or walk around and probably have a big, dumb look on your face and you wonder, “What would I like to read?  What kind of character would interest me?”  I’m asked a lot what tips I would give to other writers.  The truth is:  I don’t know any tips.  I can’t think of a single tip.  Now I’ve been writing long enough to have met an awful lot of writers who sit down a their computer or whatever and say, “OK, now I’m going to write the story for young ladies, aged 17 to 26.”  I don’t have a clue how to do that.  I don’t know what other people want.  So the only thing I can say when answering that question is:  Please write stories that you think are great.  Write to please yourself.  That’s how I’ve always done it – not because I’m so desperate to please other people, but because I feel very genuinely that if I really love a story, then there must be a few other people out there who would love it, too.  I’m not that special.  -Stan Lee

I took this excerpt from (believe it or not) my December’s Costco Connection monthly magazine.  It is honestly one of my favorite magazines for articles and business tips!  You never know where you’ll find the inspiration you are looking for and didn’t know you needed.
As you know, I absolutely love movies and I have collected all of the Avengers, Captain America’s, Thor’s and now recently Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant Man and Stan Lee is the creator of them all!  How wicked cool is that?  When I saw that Costco had conducted an interview with him I was really excited to learn more about his story, but what he said above truly touched me.  
I write this blog not just to please myself, but because I’m guessing that there are others out there like me who need a repetitive dose of positivity in their lives.  I’m not that special.  I write because I truly enjoy the process.  I write because it feels like I’m leaving a legacy of my thoughts and way of thinking.  I have looked forward every week to sitting down and putting my words in print for the world to see…unapologetically and crazy authentic.
How do you create positivity in your life? 
Let me give you 4 tips that can help you in your journey.  Bandaids, Gumption, Slapstick, “Wash, Rinse, Repeat”.
The first thing you need is GUMPTION.  By definition, gumption means courage and confidence.  This is not only faith in yourself that you are capable of hard things, but a continuous amount of courage and confidence in one’s self to accomplish the things you set out to do.
The second thing is a lot of BANDAIDS.  My husband and I help coach the local high school mountain bike team and I always tell the kids that it is not a matter of if you will crash, it is only a matter of when.  From newbies to pros, everyone crashes.  If you can accept this fact before your journey even begins and keep bandaids at the ready, it makes the falls more tolerable.
The third thing is SLAPSTICK.  Now this is the one that I am not as good at as the other three…I admit it.  You must be able to laugh at yourself or at the situation.  You need to solidly believe in horseplay.  Give yourself permission to laugh and be happy.  We were meant to be happy!  Don’t forget that once you find that happiness to share it with others.  And as James Altucher advises:  If you’re having a bad day, just chalk it up to a bad day, don’t make any major decisions during that time and wait for it to pass.
The fourth and last tip is to WASH, RINSE, AND REPEAT.  Repetitiveness is the key to learning anything.  Practice makes permanent.  You must practice positivity.  If you don’t even try it out you’ve already lost the battle with negativity.  I promise that if you practice baby steps that you will soon be walking, running, and then sprinting with positivity.
I admit that my thought process is not within the “norm” of what you may be used to hearing, but it is uniquely and authentically me.  I’m guessing that a few other people might relate, love it, and be able to incorporate these steps into their lives for the good of themselves and ultimately the good of those around you.

In the end, I believe that Stan Lee IS special.  I believe that YOU are special.  We are all unique and the only ones here on earth that can fulfill our potential to the best of our ability.  My goal is to have you believe that you are capable of more than what you may think.   Collect your gumption, a box of bandaids, your sense of humor and practice it over and over again!

What’s Your Morning Routine?

My Morning Routine
     It’s something akin to a reality show, but it seems like as soon as someone becomes famous one of the questions that everyone asks is “what is your morning routine”?  It strikes me as kind of funny, kind of personal, but mostly just…what the heck?  
     So if I start doing a morning routine such as the ones I’ve read about recently…John Lee Dumas, Brene’ Brown, Tim Ferriss…will I become successful like them or somehow become more like them?  I’m not really sure, but because it seems to be all the rage right now and I can’t stop smiling about it, I decided I would post my weekday morning routine.  (Maybe it’s just a right of passage in becoming famous..haha!)
     Maybe, somehow by osmosis or some other crazy nonsense world like that of Alice in Wonderland, you will adopt my morning routine and instantly become happier, more positive, full of organizational skills or I don’t know…save the world!  Let’s try it and see what happens and I would love to hear your results!
     –  Wake up approximately 4:52am.  (I don’t use an alarm as my natural rhythms just wake me up on time…jealous?)

     – Grab my workout clothes I have laid out from the night before and take them in the bathroom with me while I use the potty and change my clothes.  In between the changing of clothes I weigh myself to make sure I’m staying within my Bright Line Eating plan by Susan Pierce Thompson.

     – Brush my teeth with non-fluoride toothpaste from Tom’s using my Phillips Sonicare toothbrush (dad and brother are dentists and they highly recommend it), brush my retainers (yep, I faithfully wear them every night), floss with Oral-B Satin, take my thyroid medication, give my dog his thyroid medication (don’t they say that the dogs become like their owners…poor little dude), straighten up my nightstand from the night before.
     – Put my clothes in the hamper and hug my hubby while he is still in bed as he has hit snooze at least 2-3 times by now and needs the wake-up call.  This is seriously one of the favorite parts of my morning.
     – Turn on the hall light and wake up my daughter at 5:20am as we need to leave the house by 5:45am to get her to early morning seminary by 6am.  (If you turn on the light in her room she becomes like a Gremlin and gets super grumpy yelling, “bright light, bright light”!  Better to just turn on the hall light to keep the peace.)
     – Go downstairs and make my daughter breakfast, pack her lunch, fill her water bottle.  Check the weather using the Wunderground app on my phone as our bedrooms are “no-tech” zones and have been left downstairs all by their lonesome all night.

     – 5:40am – Daughter and hubby and puppies all come downstairs for morning family prayer and then daughter and I are off to seminary.  (She is driving now as she has her learner’s permit and needs the practice.)
     – By 6am I am either heading home to workout or I workout in the church parking lot because it’s my turn to drive the carpool to school.  The workout includes one of three things:  15 min ab workout from NTC with 7 min butt workout and sit-ups because I will then be mountain biking that afternoon (My hubby and I help coach the local high school mountain bike team…how cool is that?) or I’m doing a 15 min NTC workout and then a short run of 2-3 miles or it’s Friday and I’m doing yoga.

     – Next is my morning tonic which consists of 1/4 tsp turmeric, 1/4 tsp ginger, 1 tsp raw organic apple cider vinegar, 1 1/2 tsp lemon juice mixed with 8 oz of filtered water.
     – While I’m trying to get my tonic down (I sip, my husband chugs) I read my scriptures, write in my 5-minute Journal by ALEX IKONN and UJ RAMDAS and say my personal morning prayers.  It’s the perfect way to start off the day with positivity!

     – By this time it’s about 7:30am and I’m off to the showers!  I switch between Shimmer Lights Shampoo by Clairol because I’ve embraced my gray hair and Complete Care Clear Shampoo.  I use cheap Soft-soap Pomegranate liquid soap with a loofah and my Clairsonic with sensitive skin Dove soap on my face.  My razor? Gillette from Costco!
     – I dress mostly in comfy clothes and tennies for the day unless I am meeting with a client or friend and then it’s dressy casual.  I love Bath and Body Works lotions that are usually coconut or mango based just for my arms, feet, and legs.  I use Primal Pit-Paste (Orange Creamsicle Flavor) for my deodorant as it’s the only one that works for me and doesn’t have any dirty ingredients in it.  No make-up for me…my eyeliner is tattooed on and my lashes are extensions that get filled every 3 weeks.
     – I always get asked about my hair and hair products so I figured they deserved their own line here.  I use Joico Joiwhip mousse, Sexy Hair Hard Up gel, Paul Mitchell’s Freeze and Shine hairspray and finish with TRESemme’ Level 4 hairspray.  Sometimes I use a blow-dryer and sometimes not…my hair is finicky and acts different every day so it just depends.
     – 8am is breakfast time!  I have 6oz of brown rice with 4oz unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon, 1oz Laura Scudder’s peanut butter, and 1 banana sliced up.  I love it!  I usually FaceTime my oldest daughter and 2 grandkids while I eat.
     – Then it’s a quick straighten up of the house either switching laundry, tidying up, doing a few dishes, paying bills…whatever and by 9am I’m in my studio working.
Holy smokes, batman!  Now that I’ve written it all down it seems crazy!  Just a normal wife, mompreneur and lover of life here.  I feel more accomplished already! I loved being able to share links to some of my “favorite things” and hope you are able to utilize some of them in your daily life.

Share your morning routine with me or if nothing else, write it down…you are amazing and beautiful!  Thank you for keeping up with me here on Lauri’s Lemonade Stand.  Love you all!

Where I buy all of my stuff:

     Tom’s No-Fluoride Toothpaste – Lassen’s or Amazon.com
     Oral-B Satin Floss – Target
     Phillip’s Sonicare Toothbrush and Refills – Amazon.com
     Shimmer Lights Shampoo by Clairol – Local Beauty Supply Store
     Joico JoiWhip Mousse – Supercuts when they have an awesome sale!
     Paul Mitchell’s Freeze and Shine – Supercuts when they have an awesome sale!
     TreSemme’ Level 4 Hairspray – Target
     Softsoap Body Wash and Sensitive Skin Dove Bar – Target
     Clairsonic and Brush Refills – Amazon.com
     Gillette Razor and Refills – Costco
     Brown Rice, Cinnamon, Organic Bananas and Laura Scudder’s Peanut Butter – Costco
     Unsweetened Almond Milk by Almond Breeze – Sprouts

Be Bad until you’re Good, and Good until you’re Great!

Be bad until you’re good and good until you’re great.
     Do you have dreams?  Aspirations?  Something you want, but can’t see the clear path in front of you on how to achieve it?  Maybe fear has your feet nailed to the floor and you can’t find a hammer to remove the nails.  I want to start a VLOG.  Do you know what that is?  It’s like this blog, but in video format and it just sounds really fun to do!  

     I have no idea how to do it or how to edit it or if anyone will like it, but it just sounds fun!  I even ordered this coolio selfie stick with bluetooth capabilities and a remote control that detaches.  I don’t even know if I’ll ever use that feature, but again, it sounded fun!  So I’m just going to start and be bad until I’m good and good until I’m great!

     When I look back over my life and you look back over yours, we can see many examples of where we were at the beginning of our journey and could not see the end of it.  The first time we played a sport.  The first time we picked up a musical instrument or tickled the ivory’s on the piano.  The first week of school with all new classes.  The first time we drove a car.  We weren’t very good at it, right?

     Looking back, the journey from bad to great was awesome!  I learned lessons through basketball, swimming, cross country, playing the flute, english class that will forever be with me and that I reflect on even now.

     As I begin this new chapter of my life with Lauri’s Lemonade Stand and striving to help others, I want to remember that I’m not perfect at it.  That I’m not great or even good…I may downright stink on occasion, but I don’t want to let fear with those nails in my shoes hold me back from starting. 

      I am committing to be bad until I’m good and good until I’m great.  Come along on this journey with me.  Watch me turn bad into good and good into great.  Let me help you on your journey from bad to good and good to great.  What is one thing you are struggling with right now that I can help with?

     Please leave a post here.  I guarantee that someone else has a similar problem and that you speaking up with your question or concern can help others as well.  That’s why we’re here…to help each other on our journey from bad to good to great!

Sharing My Complete Joy With You

Sharing My Complete Joy With You
Coming to a Podcast Near You!

I had the opportunity to chat with a couple of my brothers this week.  (I have seven!)  They were calling me asking for advice about one thing and support about another.  So far, I’ve been able to help them both!  I love being useful, helpful, resourceful where needed, and just plain cool cause that’s what older sisters are.
There was a moment when I got off the phone with one of them and I had this feeling of complete joy.  It’s almost giddy and it makes me smile a mile wide and want to run to the next thing to help with to feel it again and again.
As I have been creating Lauri’s Lemonade Stand I’ve realized that I really like those joyful moments.  I want to create more of them and use my Lemonade Stand as the vehicle for my vision of helping others.  So here on this blog I want to share my mission statement with you for the very first time in public anywhere.  Drum roll, please…
I want to offer easy to incorporate, practical steps to women over 40 who are in a slump with who they are and who they want to be when they grow up.  I want to give them the option to re-create or enhance themselves through measurable, actionable steps so that they are empowered to do great things.
And to just plain have fun while doing it!  I have lots of ideas and while my blog is awesome and keeps me grounded, and Facebook is definitely a blast for me as for as a quick information vehicle, I want and need to reach a bigger audience.  So guess what?
I’m going to start a podcast!  I’m also going to start a funny weekly VLOG as well just for the simple fact that it sounds fun and silly to me to do what I have planned.  Just wait until you see it!
The podcast will be featuring guests who will provide some of those actionable steps to help bring more order and joy via positivity to your life.  The VLOG will simply just be me being me and giving some sound advice on organizational tips around the house that free up my time for other things and that other ladies are always asking me how I do.

Get ready for a fun ride!  This is going to be a blast for me and I look forward to being useful, helpful, resourceful where needed, and just plain cool, cause that’s what us women over 40 do for each other.  Get ready for complete joy!
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