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 If you’ve ever wanted to try life coaching, InnerU from Lauren Zander and Handel Group offers an easy, step-by-step process to get started. This 12-Session digital course includes over 14 hours of audio coaching from Lauren + over 50 written assignments. Simply enter LEMONADE75 at checkout and get started re-designing your life today!

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To begin to create a Movement of Kindness and to help people jumpstart their own ripple effects of kindness, Kindness & Co has created beautiful hand designed Random Act of Kindness Kits. These Kits make it easy to get started practicing kindness and includes great ideas of things to do for others that will make life a little sweeter.

Together, let’s start a Movement of Kindness

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Kissing A Frog, Finding Comfort Outside Your Comfort Zone is a beautiful blend of stories from Sharlene Hawkes, Former Miss America 1985 and female sports reporter (third one ever!) for ESPN that teaches you step by step to get outside of your comfort zone.  Each of us feels most comfortable when we stay within our comfort zones, right?  However, as Sharlene points out, the greatest successes in life will come to you when you are outside of your comfort zone. Sharlene shares practical hints for overcoming your fears and expanding your influence.

This book is out of print and Sharlene only has 96 copies left that are brand new and ready to ship for only $19.99 (includes shipping and tax).  Just click on the PayPal link and put in your form of payment and shipping address.

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