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Is forgiveness a one-time thing?  Is it possible to forgive what seems like the ultimate unforgivable act? Are angels real?  Do you believe in miracles?  Even after something as tragic as having your child murdered?  Alissa Parker is one of the parents who lost their child during the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting that happened on December 14th, 2012.  Her 6-year old daughter, 19 other children, and 6 adults were among the victims that day. 

Alissa opens up about that day, the days that followed, how she found her way.  She tells us of miracles, of where her darling Emilie is now, her book, and the focus of her attention outside her family these days in her non-profit organization, Safe and Sound Schools.  This is a true testament of taking a horrific “sucking lemons” moment, the searching and finding of the “sugar” (over and over again), that has made her find her “sweet lemonade”.  Join us with tissues and honor for this amazing woman.

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Alissa grew up in Ogden, Utah the youngest of five children. She graduated from Weber State University and there married her high school sweet heart, Robbie. They are the proud parents of three beautiful girls; Emilie (who passed away at age 6), Madeline (8) and Samantha (6). Alissa currently resides in a small town outside of Vancouver, Washington with her family and their four chickens.

Alissa is an avid photographer, crafter, reader and amateur gardener. After her daughter Emilie was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary, Alissa co-founded two non-profit organizations; Safe and Sound Schools which empowers parents and educators about school safety and The Emilie Parker Art Connection that helps fund and support art programs for children. But the job that means the most to Alissa is being a full time mom to her daughters.

  • Hear Alissa speak more on forgiveness and faith by visiting tofw.com

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