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Ashlee Birk had every reason to lay over and play dead.  Her world was shattered in a moment, but through these amazing trials she has learned to create new moments to stand for what she believes in.  Through much prompting she then decided that others need to hear her story so that she can help others to stand as well.  This is a true story of taking a seriously sucking lemons moment and finding the joy of how to make sweet lemonade.

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Ashlee Birk is the Author of the blog and book series entitled The Moments We Stand.  In them she tells of her personal journey of healing and seeking peace after the murder of her husband Emmett.

On March 11, 2011 Emmett was shot and killed in a Walgreens parking lot by the husband of a secret mistress. Ashlee was made a widow at the age of 28 with 5 children—the youngest being just six weeks old.

Her husband’s death left her with many messes to clean up—the hardest being her own broken soul as well as five others. She spent hours with detectives, Emmett’s business, a month long murder trial, and therapists . . . trying to piece together the broken pieces of the past. None of which helped her feel whole.

Through her trials she has learned the importance of a personal relationship with her Father in Heaven. She has witnessed many miracles through the devastation of so much heartache. She has found light in the darkest of moments—and she has found hope when she thought it was lost. It is through Christ that true healing has come.

Ashlee’s story is very unique. As she has learned to embrace it, she has gained a greater testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the strength it can be in her story.  She has come to find that the grace of Christ is powerful—not only in sin—but also in forgiveness and carrying you through some of your darkest moments.  She has felt the embrace of her Heavenly Father through every obstacle. The tender mercies have given her hope to stand tall and write a new story.  A story that has been very different than the one she had always dreamed.

Ashlee is remarried and with her husband Shawn raising their blended family of six children. They work hard every day to continue their journey of peace and finding the joy in life. Ashlee believes that every day is a gift—and in each one, she has learned to stand.

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