EP-078 Beth Weissenberger

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Feisty, Fit, Fun, and Super Smart…Beth Weissenberger is going to rock your world on how to “Author Your Life”, keep commitments to yourself, and tell us how her Inner-Brat almost got in the way of getting the opportunity to work in The Hall of Fame and her hugely successful Sports Division at Handel Group.  This interview talks about family feuds, family successes, and how to she’s managed to “Handel” both.  I want to sit at her feet and be mentored by this amazing woman and luckily we can listen to this podcast over and over to do just that!  Beth Weissenberger is literally going to rock your world…right here, right now.

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Beth Weissenberger is the Co-Founder and President of Handel Group® Corporate and Sports Divisions. With nearly 20 years in the coaching industry, Beth has led personal development seminars for more than 50,000 people globally, has been a featured Executive Coach at Businessweek.com, and is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. Beth’s ability to evolve corporate culture and bring about exponential financial growth has become her trademark. You can learn more at handelgroup.com.

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