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Kindness has saved her, kindness lives through her, kindness is her career of choice.  Brooke Jones is the Vice President of The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation and a known RAKtivisit (find out how easily you can also become a RAKtivisit by visiting randomactsofkindness.org).  Get ready to feel love, kindness, maybe even cry a little at this very real discussion with Brooke and then learn how you can join the gang at RAK and have the opportunity to feel good, spread good, witness good…all in the name of kindness starting right here, right now!

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Brooke Jones is the Vice President of The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation or RAK whose mission is to change society through creating a culture of kindness in schools, homes and the workplace. 

Brooke oversees the development, outreach and training efforts of the evidence-based Kindness in the Classroom K-12 curriculum which is taught in almost 200 countries and territories and is offered at no-cost to schools. She oversees the creative development of the website and manages the RAK social media channels to build engagement and create global impact. The RAK Facebook has grown to over one million followers organically.  

While kindness is her passion, Brooke’s roots are in the arts. She received her degree in art history in 1998 after living in Paris, studying art and architecture and developing the rare talent of sustaining on baguettes, wine and chocolate for two years. She spent most of her career in the fine art industry and municipal government working to beautify cities through public art. In 2011, she was recruited to The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation and was tasked with building a more civilized society where “kindness is the norm, not the exception.”

In 2017, Brooke delivered a Tedx Talk entitled “Nourishment of the Soul” where she shares her personal journey with mental illness and how kindness saved her life more than once. 

Discover more about The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation at www.randomactsofkindness.org

  • Facebook/Instagram/Twitter:  @rakfoundation

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