EP-066 Calla Devlin

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Real. Down to earth and well, real.  Calla Devlin is the author of “Tell Me Something Real” with her latest book, “Right Where You Left Me” coming out on September 5th, 2017 (the day after this podcast goes live!).  Calla Devlin was simply a delight to have on the show as we learn her relationship with Kelsey Crowe, how she gets down and dirty with her writing, what motivates and drives her to create young adult fiction that one review said is “good for all humans”, and her fun writing connections in Iowa.  I loved visiting with Calla and know that you are going to adore her as much as I did!  Listen in to our fun conversation and if you are an aspiring writer, there’s some good advice and tips inter-woven throughout.  Enjoy!

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Calla Devlin is the author of Tell Me Something Real, a finalist for the Morris Award, and Right Where You Left Me. A Pushcart nominee and winner of the Best of Blood and Thunder Award, her stories have been included in numerous literary journals and anthologies. Originally from California, she now lives in Iowa with her family.

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