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Smoked cinnamon.  5-spice powder.  The microplane. Vegan parmesan cheese.  Smoked sea salt.  These are all things I decided to add to my kitchen after this beautiful and fun interview with Chef Charity Morgan.  Turns out we grew up an hour apart in Northern California (you never know what you’re going to find out during a podcast interview!). Charity has loved to cook since age 5, made a full meal at age 8 that blew the mind of her father, and cooked for her friends after school as a teenager. She learned about the word “culinary” as a young adult and that propelled her into attending and graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena. 

Take this a step further and Charity is not only making amazing meals for her family, but for her husband, Derrick Morgan (linebacker for the Tennessee Titans). When his nutritionist says to cut back on inflammation and recovery time and that he should try going plant-based.  Charity followed suit and now not only is entirely plant-based, but cooks for a bunch of those team members as well and is loving it all!  You can find recipes and helpful hints on her website chefcharitymorgan.com, but you’re just gonna love getting to know Chef Charity Morgan!  (PS – She tells her love story on how she met Derrick! Adorbs!)

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Without life there is nothing and there is nothing without life!

It’s as simple as that and Chef Charity Morgan is giving life through a plant based culinary journey. 

Chef Charity holds a culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and is extremely passionate about health, nutrition and providing a more panoramic view of what it means to live a plant based lifestyle. Although Chef Charity has well over 15 years of experience, her calling to become a plant based chef followed as a result of her family’s own transition. That transition paired with her affinity to cook and be creative was the driving force that propelled her into her calling to become a plant based, vegan and transitional chef.

As a lover of food, and self proclaimed foodie, her goal is to assist people in making an easy transition from animal products to well balanced plant based meals. She does this by providing nutrient rich and savory easy to follow recipe’s along with educating about the benefits an organic, non-gmo, plant based lifestyle has on the body and overall well being.

Chef Charity is most certainly more than a chef as many professional athletes will attest. She currently provides vegan meal preparation to several NFL players. She has recently been featured by ESPN highlighting her awesome home made meals that have encouraged athletes to educate themselves, improve their athletic performance, and improve their overall health.

Chef Charity is extremely enthusiastic about sharing her culinary expertise with the world. Her dedication to the plant life, healthy living and commitment to food and nutrition provide her with an unwavering motivation to teach and bring happy and healthy families to the table.

  • Instagram/Facebook:  @chefcharitymorgan

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