EP-008 Danielle Omar

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Danielle Omar is definitely a kindred spirit!  I love her stories of becoming a registered dietitian and creating foodconfidence.com.  You simply must check out her 21-day Nourish Program with the next one coming in Fall 2016 that she offers only three times per year. (See Links Below) Danielle is upbeat, motivated, and confident as she helps you create your own confidence in and around food.  Enjoy this incredible episode with Danielle!

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Danielle Omar is an Integrative Dietitian, clean-eating coach, and author.  She is a passionate nutrition educator and her practical, no-nonsense approach to food confidence and healthy living inspires mass audiences through both her one-on-one and group coaching programs, both on and offline.  She’s a regular featured guest blogger and expert consultant for food writers nationwide, and founder of foodconfidence.com, where men and women find the path to confidently manager their own lifestyle transitions, reaching not only their wellness goals, but also embracing a new way of looking at food and nutrition.

Connect with Danielle Omar

  • Find Danielle on Twitter @2EatWellRD, Instagram @DanielleOmar, Facebook @foodconfidence

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