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Writer Babes Unite!  Deb (Not Debbie!) Cooperman steals the show in this interview as she teaches as women how to simply become through developing a writing practice.  Even if you do not embrace writing and it sounds horrific or frightening to you, you can truly benefit from the knowledge, wisdom, wit and fun that Deb has to offer.  She has been called a Pollyanna with the mouth of a truck-driver and believes in Yoda and The Force, as well as Mr. Rogers…who doesn’t want to get to know someone like this??  Learn how to get past your fear of writing, get your stuff out on page unapologetically, and bust through your “not good enough’s” in this week’s episode of Lauri’s Lemonade Stand!

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Deb Cooperman began keeping a journal when she was 11 years old. In those days her most fervent musings centered on whether Davy Jones or Paul McCartney was cuter, but today her writing practice is the glue that’s not only seen her through, but seen her thrive through a divorce that ended in friendship, an eating disorder that began in her teens, grief from the loss of her mother and dear friends, a solo cross-country move, career changes, and launching her own business. As a first-hand testimonial to this process, she gladly spreads the word about the power of a writing practice to just about anyone who will listen.

Deb is something of a “writing evangelist” – as a workshop leader, and founder of The Writer Babes, she inspires and encourages women to use the powerful, but simple practice of writing — simply putting pen to paper — to understand and expand their lives.

She does this because it’s the best tool she’s found for herself and for her clients to stop the all-too-common knee-jerk habit of apologizing for nearly everything in their lives; to bust through perceived imperfections and ‘not good enough’s; recognize the messages and expectations they’ve internalized; shine a light on blind-spots, and help them claim their strength, power, and fabulosity; live more mindfully, intentionally, and awesomely.

Women of all ages and all walks of life have found support and inspiration while participating in her in-person and online groups, workshops, and in private sessions.

“I want women to unleash their fabulosity on the world…because I believe happy, powerful, kick-ass women send ripples out to people all around them, making a happier, stronger, more compassionate world. And the best way I know how to make that happen is through the deceptively simple, but profound practice of putting pen to paper. ”

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