EP-125 Debbie Burns

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#TruthBombs and #MindBlown moments abound in this episode!  Debbie Burns is to be commended for her vulnerability in sharing what I consider super scary moments in her life that caused some real havoc in her state of well-being.  I am proud to know her and give her 100% props for finding the grit, tenacity, and help she needed to find her party at the end of the tunnel (cause who wants just a light there when you finally show up?). 

Debbie is now helping other woman find their Soul Journey through Soul Mapping.  Are you a part of her sacred rebel tribe of amazing women?  My guess is that it’s a big fat YES!  Come on in and start today to find your “Big Dream” and better than that?  To make it a reality.  This podcast episode is truly going to blow your mind!

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Debbie Burns is a Courage and Authenticity Coach helping sacred rebels wake up and shake up their true selves to create meaning and impact through their work.

We’re talking about believing in yourself so strongly that the world can’t help but believe in you too!

Debbie describes herself as a Molotov cocktail in Hello Kitty packaging who’s been navigating trauma for the last 30+ years, weaving those truths into commercial fiction for the last 8, coaching visionary women for the last 3, and firing glitter cannons since she realized she actually does like the color pink! She is known to blend personal development principles with a little bit of woo (energy, intuitive gifts, chakras, auras, and all that jazz!) and a whole lotta love to help her clients build the courage to be seen on their journey of expression, personal freedom, leadership, and belonging. Your voice needs to be heard!

Debbie has traversed her own personal dark night of the soul, battling post traumatic stress disorder to come out the other side with a few scars, a deeper love of self, and an immovable commitment to live a life true to herself.

She is now committed to helping other women create that for themselves. (Not the scars part, the self-love and live-true-to-yourself part.) The best part? You don’t have to wait for someday. You can start right now, today.

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