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Happy New Year’s Eve! This podcast episode is absolutely perfect to prepare for 2019 as Debra Maldonado, CEO of the Academy of Jungian Spiritual Psychology talks all about goals, action and inaction (and the why behind each when making choices), and what love means to her. 

How do we know we are on the right path?  Where are YOU choosing to spend your power and passion?  What is in YOUR shadow?  Trusting that all of these answers are already inside of you sounds a bit unreal, but truly…you already have what it takes to make your goals and dreams come true in 2019.  Have a listen and Happy New Year!

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Debra Maldonado is the CEO of the Academy of Jungian Spiritual Psychology, a personal development company, developed with her husband, Dr. Rob Maldonado. She is the author of the bestselling book, LET LOVE IN: OPEN YOUR HEART & MIND TO ATTRACT YOUR IDEAL PARTNER (Wiley 2010). Debi has been featured by ABC News, ABC Radio Network, FOX News, NBC News, WB2, Cosmopolitan, Natural Health, Huffington Post, YourTango, Publisher’s Weekly, Complete Woman, Playboy Radio, and more.

Debi and Dr. Rob have helped thousands of people around the world find their ideal partner, expand their income, create their dream business and discover their purpose in life. Their deep, multi-sensory process based on Jungian Psychology and eastern wisdom traditions is offered through online classes, live seminars and private mentoring.

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