EP-048 Denise Watson

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Mindfulness – what does that mean?  It’s a buzzword found in the media quite often and I wanted to know more about it.  Denise Watson is the guru of mindfulness…not only in physical well-being such as mindful eating and yoga, but in the spiritual and emotional well-being…like in mindful eating and yoga!  Not only will you enjoy this interview as Denise bares some of her past that brought her to her mindfulness ways, but she offers a special discount code to you, my Lemonader’s on her mindfuleatingtableware.com.  Tune in and get the code and prepare to change your thoughts around eating and being mindful…yes, I’m going to eat my lunch with my non-dominant hand today (see interview for deets!).

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Denise Watson has worked in the health care industry for over 30 years.  Most recently she works with clients as a health coach and a yoga and mindfulness instructor. She uses her scientific and spiritual knowledge to guide clients to find the health and happiness that seems to be eluding so many in today’s culture. Her own life experiences and the wisdom that she’s received from those experiences give her the perspective to help others reduce their suffering and thrive, despite their own life situations.  She uses a holistic approach to help her clients create physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Denise has created two businesses that allow her to pursue her passion of bringing health and happiness to as many people as possible.  Vivify hCG Weight Loss and Emotional Eating Solutions and Mindful Eating Tableware each provide routes to recognizing and resolving one’s relationship with food and body and their thoughts in order to find peace.  Clients come to realize that health and happiness is not about “eat this, not that” but is more of an “inside job”. This requires the recognition of subconscious beliefs and the emotions they create that drive unwanted behaviors with food and other aspects of their lives, in order to create a life of peace and fulfillment.

  • Website – mindfuleatingtableware.com
  • Facebook – @m.e.tableware
  • Twitter – @METableware
  • Instagram – @mindfuleatingtableware
  • Discount Code for Mindful Eating Plates just for my Lemonader’s is at minute 38:02!  (And a little explanation of all the mantra’s that are on the plate!)

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