EP-090 Dr. Jennifer Guttman

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Are you inherently lovable?  Are you good at your decision-making skills?  Are you a Starter that doesn’t ever finish or Close?  I will tell you that I was great with two out of the three and in this podcast you get to learn which one I definitely need to work on!  Dr. Guttman is really, really good at what she does and with over 25 years of collective experience it’s easy to understand why.  I love her “Path To Sustainable Life Satisfaction” theories and know that if you jump on this bandwagon you better be prepared to quite literally change your life for the better.  Let Dr. Guttman show you how to get insights to a better life, right here, right now.  Enjoy today’s podcast as we talk serious, but laugh hard.  You’re gonna love, Dr. Guttman!

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Dr. Jennifer Guttman is a leading clinical psychologist and cognitive-behaviorist, with over 20 years of experience in the field of mental health. She has built thriving practices in New York City and Westport, Connecticut that provide services to over 120 clients. Dr. Guttman reinforces her brand concept, “A Path To Sustainable Satisfaction”, by utilizing a number of techniques and strategies including starting is easy, closing is hard, decision-making, facing fears, reducing people pleasing behaviors, avoiding assumptions and active self-reinforcement. Published in the area of cognitive-behavior therapy and anger control for adolescents, Dr. Guttman has been quoted in the New York Times and has appeared as a guest on both radio and TV shows. She has lectured around the country on effective cognitive-behavioral techniques for treating mental health issues, and also mentors students in the doctoral program at Long Island University. Jennifer balances an already energizing work-life with being a mother of two teenagers. In the little spare time, she is able to carve out in her daily regimen, she continually fuels her passion for going to the theatre by adding another playbill to her collection.

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