EP-011 Ed Mackey

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Ed Mackey is now famous for his “Eddy’s 60 Days of Sunshine” journey which you can download for free at laurislemonadestand.com just by subscribing to our amazing resource emails.  Know anyone who could use some love and support, and SUNSHINE?  This could be the answer you’re looking for!  Listen to Ed Mackey’s journey through depression and learn how you can help someone who may be down what Eddy calls the proverbial “rabbit hole”.

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Ed Mackey is the owner of Eyedentity Graphics, an avid mountain biker and mountain bike coach, loves to read and is a voracious consumer of podcasts – always being found with an airpod in his ear.  He is full of wisdom, humor, with a healthy dose of love and support, but I’m completely biased as he is my best friend and also my dear sweet hubby.

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