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Joi lives up to her name – everything she creates brings joy to others.  Owner of Joi Cafe’ in Westlake Village, California she uses this space as a hub for her creativity.  Joi is on a mission to save the planet and she is definitely embracing her part.  Her story of hitting rock bottom and finding her way up is truly inspiring.  Let her motivate you through this podcast episode showcasing her journey.

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Joi Stearns grew up in California. Being a “California Girl” left a lasting impression on her and is reflected in her love of an active and healthy lifestyle. This upbringing is also seen in her passion for food, cooking and entertaining. Joi has always had the ability to go out for dinner, taste a meal and then go home and use it as a source of inspiration. This creative impulse has given her an opportunity to refine her approach in the kitchen while creating many amazing meals, always keeping her beliefs and knowledge of nutrition in the forefront of her recipes.  After the end of her 20 year marriage, she was at a crossroads.  She had the choice to play it safe or reach for the stars, because of Joi’s belief that the cost for safety is regret, she took a leap of faith and opened a plant based restaurant.  JOi Cafe is an amazing expression of Joi’s unique relationship with her business partner Nick Johanson and her love of food, people, health and the hero’s journey.  Still the greatest satisfaction in her life comes from helping people. As Joi says, “I have never met a stranger”.  This truth has created an abundance of satisfaction in her personal and business life.

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