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Rebecca Rusch is one of my heroes.  After reading her book, Rusch to Glory, I loved and admired her even more.  Beyond her accomplishments lies a grit and determination that is only tempered by her kind demeanor.  Rebecca is the real deal, folks.  This episode will only confirm what I already know – Rebecca is wicked awesome!

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Rebecca Rusch is one of the great endurance athletes of her generation.  She has amassed victories and broken records in endurance mountain biking, adventure racing, Nordic skiing, and white-water rafting.  Through her SRAM Gold Rusch Tour, female media camps, and an all-girls mountain biking camp in her local community, Rebecca takes pride in sharing her love for cycling with women and girls.  She also works as a firefighter in her beloved hometown of Ketchum, Idaho, where she also stages a charity race, Rebecca’s Private Idaho, every August.

Rebecca Rusch is the Queen of Pain with a heart of gold. It doesn’t matter if Rebecca is pedaling through the night on an epic adventure across Italy, riding her bike up Africa’s legendary Mt. Kilimanjaro, or teaching at a #JoinTheRusch camp or clinic, she brings energy, positivity and inspiration to whatever challenge she meets. As a professional athlete for over three decades, the 7x World Champion has continually tested her own limits, and shattered the glass ceiling in whatever sport she tackles. She redefined the team dynamics of adventure racing, has a first female ascent rock climbing El Capitan in Yosemite, river boarded down the Grand Canyon, and has given the men a run for their money in endurance mountain biking.

Rebecca’s work extends far beyond the start line as the best selling author of Rusch to Glory, event producer for Rebecca’s Private Idaho, motivational speaker, firefighter, and cycling advocate.  Additionally, she has raised over $100k for bike related charities through her adventures and events.  Through Red Bull Media House in 2017, Rebecca released a full length feature film, Blood Road, which followed her very personal journey along the 1,800 kilometer Ho Chi Minh trail.

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You can keep up with all of Rebecca’s events and appearances through #JoinTheRusch.

Want to learn more about Rebecca?  Check out her website HERE!

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