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Lindsey rocked my socks at the Sea Otter Classic 2015 and had me jumping off ledges on my mountain bike!  She is super-fun, super-skilled, and is the best coach for women out there. If you want to be inspired and figure out how to handle yourself AND in your life, this episode is for you!

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Lindsey Richter has a mission: Change women’s lives with two wheels and some dirt.

Of all her wild life experiences (like being a reality TV star) it was mountain biking that taught Lindsey that life is about CREATING yourself, not finding yourself… Now as a certified skills instructor through PMBI (Professional Mountain Bike Instruction), and IMBA’s ICP (Instructor Certification Program), Lindsey spreads her passion for mountain biking across the globe through her inspirational Liv Ladies AllRide mountain bike clinics.

“I travel the globe teaching women’s clinics. I am lucky to ride with some of the best in the world and I am constantly studying and learning fun and effective ways to teach. I believe women need the guidance of another woman who understands their hesitations and fears, and knows how women learn.  I was once intimidated by the sport (and life) and hard on myself, but I learned how my attitude towards my bike related to my attitude in life. I’ve stopped backing away from things that scare me and I am an example of how progressing properly led to higher self-esteem and belief in myself on and off the bike. Eleanor Roosevelt said: “Do something that scares you everyday.”  I can attest, conquering fear is the best feeling ever!”

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