EP-058 Samantha Russell

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Samantha Russell is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach who works with women who struggle with emotional eating and weight gain. Working hand-in-hand with Samantha helps you uncover the root causes of unwanted eating and food addiction so you can heal, lose weight, and feel awesome!  She knows what it’s like to struggle and eat in a way that doesn’t serve you – Samantha is here to help you create a better way.

  • 7:41 – Born in New Zealand, moving to South Korea…now Sweden?  Wow!
  • 11:04 – The meaning of the name Samantha and how she stays true to that meaning.
  • 13:31 – Knowledge is not enough to cure a food addiction…Can you fix me?
  • 22:47 – Do I have to give up sugar and flour?
  • 30:21 – What is your Wiggle Brain?
  • 39:09 – What is the Irresistible Self Love Series?  It sounds uh-mazing!
  • 45:56 – Fall in Love with Yourself – NOW -TODAY!
  • 1:02:44 – Lemonade Moments!!

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