EP-086 Kim Maravich

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Kimberly Maravich’s background as an RN led her towards a passion for preventative healthcare and nutrition. While pursuing a BA in English, her love of writing began. She also has an MA in Teaching and worked for more than 12 years as an elementary school teacher. She now combines her talents and enjoys educating and encouraging others to optimize their health through her writings.

She believes that self-care is the deepest form of love, as we can’t fully care for others when we put ourselves last.  Good nutrition, moderate exercise, and great sleep are the keys to physical health.  Just as importantly, gratitude, prayer and spiritual practice, as well as friendships do wonders for overall wellness.

Kim lives outside of Pittsburgh, PA with her loving husband and two adorable little boys. Their home is filled with excitement, laughter, and much love.

Website:  www.kimmaravich.com

Book: www.amazon.com/author/kimberlymaravich

Facebook: @KimMaravichHealthWriter

Instagram: @kim360health

Twitter:  @Kim360Health

Links to the supplements that Kim recommends on this podcast:  Smarty Pants Adult Complete, Smarty Pants Women’s, Thorne Research Basic Nutrients 2/day, Pure Encapsulations Multi t/d (two a day), Naturelo One Daily For Women (they also have a Men’s version), Mary Ruth Organics Liquid Morning Multivitamin, Mary Ruth Organics Liquid Nighttime Multi-mineral (There is a daytime and nighttime. You need to buy both to get all the vitamins/minerals. They are separated for maximum absorbability. This is my favorite but is pricey.)


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