EP-092 Heather Goodwin

Episode Available 3/5/18!

Heather Goodwin is fond of saying that she was born at her ideal weight, and that was the last time she ever saw it.

In her teens her weight was in the hundreds; in her twenties, the two-hundreds; in her thirties, the three-hundreds, and in her forties – well, you can see where this is going. A few years ago, Heather topped out at 436 pounds on her 5’2″ frame. As she put it, she was rounder than she was tall.

Heather could also see what her destiny would be if she didn’t find a real solution, and she didn’t want to experience a 500-pound body in her fifties. So she said goodbye to all the diets and pills and fads she had tried in the past, and adopted a strict whole food, plant-based diet.  And this time…it’s working.


Facebook:  @TheButterflyEffect

YouTube:  Heather Goodwin, The Butterfly Effect


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