EP-111 Farzana & Farhana Rahman

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These sisters!  Both doctors in their respective fields, these beautiful women (and sisters) have come together to share their skills, knowledge, and wisdom surrounding healing through love and the mind-body connection.  Reducing stress, getting the right amount of sleep specific to you, eating in a mindful way that encompasses not just your body, but your soul and your senses are all things that Farzana and Farhana are focusing on with their new website and business happywisewell.com. 

Come on in and learn about their backgrounds, why they chose the name “HappyWiseWell” and just feel their smiles as they talk about their passion in helping others.  I’m so happy to have caught up with these ladies while they were traveling in San Francisco and had just attended the Harvard Lifestyle Medicine Conference considering one lives in the UK and one in DC – what a blessing to get them together.  I know you’re going to enjoy and glean great things from them – enjoy!

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Dr Farzana Rahman and Dr Farhana Rahman are sisters, medical doctors and founders of happywisewell.com where they share their passion about approaching health holistically.

Dr. Farzana says this, “I loved my medical training but from an early stage I came to understand that medicine was a small piece of the puzzle when it came to improving health and wellness. I am interested in holistic and integrative health and its intersection with traditional western medicine. I am a qualified yoga teacher and passionate about health and wellness. I’ve come to realize that no matter where we are in the world, health is not just about medicine. Our thinking, our environment and how we spend our time all affect our well-being. I am excited to use the lessons I’ve learned so far to continue to explore, learn and grow.”

Dr. Farhana says this, “I have gained expertise in managing all manner of medical conditions and tailor my approach to each patient.  But experience has taught me that reality does not follow a set of guidelines.  Health cannot be defined by a pristine set of results.  I have learned there is much more to being human and so much more to being well – sometimes the conventional approach just isn’t enough. Balance has come to lie at the heart of my practice.  I passionately combine my medical expertise with wisdom from around the world and across the ages to make common sense of health, happiness and well-being.”

Together, these sisters are changing the approach to practicing medicine, bringing empowerment to the patients in the form of food, body, mind, and soul at happywisewell.com.

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