EP-042 G3 Sonoma

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Piper & Michelle are all about empowering women under all of the different hats we, as women, wear through their exclusive G3 Sonoma Conferences!  They also offer girl’s events and team building events for corporations.  Their vision is on the horizon, but they are doing the grunt work to make it there.  Special promo for their April Retreat!  Get $100 off your ticket by entering the promo code: G3LemonadeStand.  Hurry, while tickets last as they keep their numbers down on purpose for a more intimate, caring experience.  Go to G3Sonoma.com today to reserve your spot!

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The founding partners shared a vision…they wanted to create a forum for women to gather and leverage their best selves from the inside out. Set in Sonoma wine country, G3 – Gather, Grow, Go – Conference encompasses career, business, health and well being.

Piper and Michelle, the current owners, attribute their very similar yet different strengths to the success of the G3 Women’s Conference and have developed a partnership and true friendship that ensures its continued success in 2017 and beyond!

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