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Experts in financial independence, early retirement, and debt pay-off…these millennials are well-versed in the art of making (and keeping) money.  2018 has me focusing on financial matters and turning Lauri’s Lemonade Stand from a philanthropic stand into a money-making venture.  That means learning from the experts and while these wonderful ladies are not in their 40’s, their lessons can help any of us ladies who are looking to find financial independence in 2018 (or just pay off the holiday debt you just got yourself into).  From financial apps, to their separate blogs, to their new FireDrill Podcast, these ladies are rocking it with sound ideas to incorporate right now into your new financial goals for 2018!  Have fun and get busy!

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The Fire Drill podcast was started by Gwen from Fiery Millennials and J from Millennial Boss.

They started the podcast in response to the outcry in the early retirement community on the lack of female prominent voices. They felt there was a need to fill the gap!

On Fire Drill Podcast, they discuss a wide range of topics in the Financial Independence/Early Retirement arena. From real estate to starting your own online business to writing romance novels to AirBnb and more. If there’s someone out there doing it, they want to talk about it. The podcast isn’t just about educating- they want to entertain while you learn something.

J has a personal passion for doing luxurious things cheaply.

She hacked my weddingtravel hacked my way around the world, and hacked my savings account so that she can retire when she’s young.

If you’ve never heard of early retirement, jump on over millenialboss.com and read  The Secret FIRE Cult of Young People Who Retire Early.

Gwen is 26, is located in the Midwest and is somewhat happily employed in the IT sector.  From an early age, she always had an obsession with money.  When she was younger it was about obtaining more money so she could have more things, namely candy and replacement fees for lost library cards.

Fortunately for her present and future self she hasn’t lost the obsession but she has set new sights:  Financial Independence and early retirement.  After interning for a Fortune 500 company before her last semester in college and deciding that working 8+ hour days stunk and that weekends weren’t enough to recover, she discovered the world of FIRE in the millennial world (financial independence and early retirement.

Gwen’s goal is to work her tail off, save as much as she can from various side hustles  like real estate and artsy projects, etc…she would like to retire at age 35 in 2025.  Her goals are to travel the world for cheap, create fabulous works of art through quilting and stained glass and work with J on co-hosting the Fire Drill Podcast.

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