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Get Happier!  Jen Riday is everything she teaches – vibrant AND happy.  She is on a mission to help other women find their worth, their value through self-love, community, and empowerment.  Everyone wants to be happy, right?  But do you truly know how to find your happy?  While it’s definitely a process and isn’t achieved overnight, it is totally possible!  In this interview, Dr. Jen will give you helpful advice and tips to start working towards your happy right now, but she will also point you in the right direction to stay that way.  She shares a couple of rock-bottom, “sucking lemons” moments in her life and how she turned them into sweet lemonade.  Come on in, the water’s fine!

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Jen Riday is the host of the Vibrant Happy Women Podcast who helps women to heal their hearts and increase self love so they can more easily love those around them. Jen lives with her husband and 6 kids just outside of Madison, WI and in her free time enjoys yoga and hiking.

  • Facebook/Twitter: @JenRiday

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