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A thought leader in the field of positive body image and self-love, Jes is indeed what she claims to be…irreverent, a bit of a trouble-maker, and passionate about her drive to fight against fat-shaming, have women be proud of their bodies, and the movement to change the world by loving our bodies.  A Tedx Tucson speaker (watch her 16:27 minute talk on her website themilitantbaker.com) she gives 10 things you can start doing RIGHT NOW to start loving your body.  Listen in on our conversation and be prepared for a straight up mind shift!

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Jes Baker, when not blogging, spends her time speaking at universities, taking pictures in her underwear, writing books, working with clothing companies to promote more plus size fashion, and trying to convince her cats that they like to wear sweaters and bow ties.

Jes has presented about the importance of body love at TedxTucson and regularly travels around the country to speak to university audiences on similar topics.

Jes is best known for her visual campaigns, both that she modeled for and also those that she directed. Some of these famous images include: To Mike Jeffries c/o Abercrombie & Fitch, Lustworthy: A Statement for the Visible Woman, Bodies Aren’t Ugly, Bullying Is, The Smash the Scale Revolution, Body Love Spans Generations,  #LoveTheMirror, and most recently her letter to Lane Bryant/#EmpowerALLBodies.

Jes’s book “Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls”  was published by Seal Press on October 27, 2015.

Jes has worked intimately with several companies to promote positive body image and plus size clothing. Companies include JcPenney, Yours Clothing, Curvy Girl Lingerie, Fashion to Figure, Copper Union, ModCloth, Hips and Curves, eShakti, SWAK Designs, Lola Getts and many others.

As far as her cats go, Jes has had very little luck convincing them to dress like Sherlock Holmes but remains hopeful that copious amounts of treats dispensed carefully will someday change their mind.

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