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Petal Power!  Jill is a women’s advocate for cycling and has taken her passion within the industry to entrepreneurship in her company, Petal Power.  It is a plant-based, all natural Joy Ride System that was created for women by a woman.  I’ve tried it out, loved it, won’t use anything else on my hoo-hoo, girly-bits, cooch, petals, tweeny…you get the idea when riding my bicycle or running.  Get 10% off your first purchase with the code within the podcast.  Enjoy this amazing visionary!

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Jill Hamilton has been riding and racing bicycles for over 20 years.  She has competed in almost every bicycle discipline out there:  road, BMX, cross-country MTB, Enduro, Downhill, Super D, Dual Slalom, and probably a couple others she’s forgotten.  15 years ago, turning her passion for bikes into a career, Jill began working in the bicycle industry…and that’s where she’s been ever since.  Holding a variety of different positions in the industry, her passion lies with marketing and branding.  She spent the vast majority of her career (about 10 years) working at Haro Bikes, where she started in sales and eventually worked her way into the role of MTB and Asphalt Bikes Brand Manager. She was also a Brand Manager for the Shebeest line of women’s cycling apparel where she led the re-launch of the brand after it had become dormant for a few years.

About 4 years ago, Jill had an idea for a women’s chamois cream system and launched Petal Power.  Working on it part time until making the ultimate leap of faith a little over two years later she left her position at Shebeest to pursue Petal Power full time.  Petal Power put her into the entrepreneurial spirit and this past April, launched a new company called Ladies Only Velo (or LOVe for short) which is an online store for women cyclists where they can find tee shirts, jewelry, riding apparel and other fun stuff they wouldn’t ordinarily find at a bike shop.  The vast majority of the products on the site she either designed or made…it is her fun creative outlet.  Jill lives in North San Diego County with her better half Dean, her two cats, and about 130 avocado trees.

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