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Fairytales are not just for girls and today’s guest author, Jody Smith brings this point home by quite literally breaking the traditional mold of fairytales and making her heroine save herself!  In her first book, Princess Monroe, Jody brings to light the fact that while we may love the tiara’s and the lace and the sparkly things, we also love to mountain bike, rock climb, get dirty, play musical instruments and create BIG dreams. 

This lovely mamapreneur has ditched the title of “busy” and has donned the new title of “empowered with purpose”.  I know you are going to enjoy this lively and lovely conversation with this amazing woman.  Please enjoy this podcast with Jody Smith!

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Jody Smith is a first-time author and longtime believer in fairytales. A former interior designer and store owner, this now present mama, dreamer and explorer is telling stories just outside of Mpls, MN. She loves watching her two charismatic girls use their imagination, grit, smarts and whimsy to navigate this world. It inspired her to write a book for all the princesses who are capable of saving themselves and for all the mindful mothers who revel in raising strong daughters.

Meet Monroe

Princess Monroe is more than JUST a princess. While she likes “princessing,” she finds it a bit boring. Monroe is more interested in learning, playing and building stuff. She has dreams of traveling to Paris, rescuing puppies and becoming a scientist. In her spare time she likes to rock climb, dance and garden.

Quite frankly, the only issue for Monroe is there are only 24 hours in a day! What she knows for sure is she can’t possibly find what makes her happy while she’s taking care of a prince. So instead of being saved by Prince Charming like every other fairytale, Monroe is going to save herself first.

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