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Slow Travel.  Location Independent Business.  Living Life on Your Terms – even if those terms mean selling everything you own (or giving it away) and going on the road for 18 months with only what can fit in your Honda CRV.  These are all things I was curious about when I learned about Kala Philo.  She is a heroine in her own right that had the courage to go out on her own, envision a life outside of what we would consider the “norm” (What’s normal, anyway??) and create this beautiful life of slow travel, a location independent business, a minimalist lifestyle – only to find complete satisfaction and the love her life along her sweet journey. 

Come learn all about Kala in this podcast interview and see if this type of lifestyle might be your next grand adventure!

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After spending 15 years as a marketing video consultant and producer for small businesses and nonprofits in Austin and Northern California, Kala Philo left the nest really empty after her youngest daughter graduated from high school.

She sold or donated anything that didn’t fit in her car, gave up her lease, and spent the next 18 months traveling solo across the US, Mexico, and Ecuador. During this time, Kala also directed her attention to building her professional network and online marketing skills to start a location independent business to support her slow travel lifestyle. 

Now, using Mexico City as a base, Kala travels with her partner, Sergio Zavala, who was born and raised there. Through a bicultural lens, they hope to inspire others that are curious about transitioning a full-time travel lifestyle. 

Through her blog, La Vida with Wings, Kala updates her followers on local culture, food, customs and “slice of life” stories that arise from staying in one place for several weeks, as well as adventures of building a life with a partner from another culture. 

In addition, she teaches her readers about full-time travel by providing: strategies for starting location-independent businesses, tips for downsizing possessions, and methods for maximizing the slow travel experience. Kala is bilingual in Spanish and English.

Connect with Kala Philo

  • Instagram/FB:  @LavidaWithWings

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