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Strong is the New Pretty is the perfect mantra for all of us!  It also happens to be the title of Kate T Parker’s new book that features girls in their natural habitats doing things they love that are silly, loud, messy, fearless, independent, confident and fierce.  Kate T Parker and her photography have taken this notion and put it into art form…a tangible way for us to look at and feel the gamut of emotions from playfulness and outright fun to a sense of pride and creativity.  I would recommend this book for women of any age and would definitely use it to gift towards a graduating Senior or just a girlfriend who might be having a hard time in their life to remind them of their strength and power.  This episode deep dives into how Kate got into photography in the first place to the culmination of this incredible book.

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KATE T PARKER  is a mother, wife, former collegiate soccer player, Ironman, and professional photographer who shoots both fine-art projects and commercial work for clients across North America. Her Strong Is the New Pretty photo series has led to collaborations with brands like Athleta, Kellogg’s, and Oxygen. The project has also inspired Kate to launch a philanthropic arm of Strong Is the New Pretty, partnering with organizations like Girls on the Run and The Bully Project that invests in girls’ health and education. When she’s not photographing, Kate can be found coaching her daughters’ soccer teams. She lives with her family in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Website: katetparker.com
  • Facebook: @katetparkerphotography
  • Instagram & Pinterest: @katetparker
  • Twitter:  @katetparkerphoto

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