EP-021 Kelly Long

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No idea that Kelly Long would be so down to earth and full of energy and just plain fun until she agreed to be on this podcast.  Not only does she have my vote in the upcoming election for County Supervisor, but she has my vote on how action leads to change.  Learn more about his fun-loving, action-moving, full of persistence and grit personality and lay claim to some of it yourself by enjoying today’s episode!

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Kelly Long, former Board President of the Pleasant Valley School District, is an experienced businesswoman and a working mother. She has a vested interest in our educational system and our community. She’s running for Supervisor because she can bring her “effective & efficient” personality, skills, and experience to get things done at the County.  Kelly has been working in Camarillo since 1994 where she started at Royce Medical as a Mechanical Engineer.  Later, she and her husband, two young daughters, and two dogs bought a home here to be with family and build a strong community around them. They enjoy living here and take full advantage of the weather and outdoors spaces to do everything from hiking, biking, and surfing, to hanging out on the soccer fields at the new Adolfo Camarillo High School Pool.  By way of legality and housekeeping – this IS NOT a paid endorsement for Kelly Long and this episode was not solicited by her.  I sought her out as a mover and a shaker who is standing up and doing things in her community to make a difference.  She is an example for all of us to follow and as you’ll soon see, full of energy and fun!

  • Listen in at 22:55 to learn The Recipe to Create Change:
    • Use ________ without __________.
    • Bring the ___________, not the ____________.
    • How can I ____________ this situation?

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