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Single?  That leaves you in one of three categories:  Newly Single, Dating your wine box and Netflix account, or sorta dating.  Or maybe you’re sick of dating and want to settle down?  Kira Sabin with The League of Adventurous Singles is here to help you create your own Owner’s Manual just for you!  Doesn’t that sound amazing?  Create an owner’s manual and then be willing to stand by it in any relationship.  I’m not single, am happily married, but am still considering the Owner’s Manual course to define some of my wants and needs and how to make them clear if the occasion calls for it.  Plus, Kira has some amazing adventures planned that you won’t want to miss out on!  Listen, enjoy, and learn to rock that single status!

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The League of Adventurous Singles is a community of women who want to do single…better.

We refuse to believe that single means feeling sorry for yourself while drinking boxed wine, watching Netflix and raising your fists into the air shouting “where is my freakin’ soulmate?”.  Instead, we realize that amazing relationships come from people who know what they need and have the confidence and skills to share it with another person.

We are making the most out of our lives through bigger conversations about love and relationships, working on ourselves to become the person we want to date and traveling and connecting with other incredible women around the world.

Because great relationships start with ourselves.

The League of Adventurous Singles was founded by and run by Kira Sabin.

Kira is a certified life coach, the troop leader of love for the League of Adventurous Singles, a Huffpo blogger, life adventurer, story collector, travel junkie, coffee addict, unicorn wrangler and seven layers of ridiculous.  She hails from America’s Dairyland, Madison, WI and yes….she loves cheese.

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