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Kristi Ling Spencer is true to her word.  She is just a doll to listen to and is truly living what she preaches in her new book, Operation Happiness.  Learn how creating happiness in your life is a learned skill and not something that can or cannot randomly happen to you.  Feel empowered, motivated, and best of all, HAPPY after listening to this uplifting interview!

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Passionate about sharing her experiences and dedicated to helping people find happiness and create a foundation for their best life, Kristi writes, speaks, and works with individuals to empower them to create more happiness, wellness, and success.

Kristi has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, CNN, Mashable, It’s a Glam Thing, Woman’s Day, Success Magazine,  Awareness Magazine, and other media. She’s a regular contributor for The Huffington Post, Simple Reminders, and Aspire Magazine, and has just released her book entitled Operation Happiness.

In Operation Happiness, happiness strategist and life coach Kristi teaches you how to create immediate, positive shifts in your life by proving that happiness is a skill that can be cultivated, learned, and mastered-much like playing an instrument.

After experiencing multiple devastating events, Ling spent years studying the science of happiness and focused on identifying and testing specific emotional support tools. During this process, she discovered something that goes against everything we’ve been lead to believe about happiness: it isn’t just something you feel; it’s something you do. Based on this discovery, Kristi narrowed down the road to happiness to three powerful steps: Change Your View, Change Your Mornings, and Create New Habits.

Part memoir and part how-to, Operation Happiness combines compelling personal stories, inspiring perspective shifts, and big ah-ha moments with specific how-to’s and clear actionable steps to help you create a solid foundation for sustainable happiness that will propel you into a new, light-filled way of living.

Kristi regularly gives her energy and know-how to non-profit organizations. She is a passionate advocate for marine conservation and wildlife causes, as well for raising awareness about shark protection.  She loves water sports, Yoga, trail running, gardening, and adventure. A Southern California native, she lives it up in LA.

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