EP-124 Kyla Mitsunaga

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Work Happy, Live Happy, Be Happy – with a slogan like that it’s bound to be a good interview, right?  Kyla is founder of The Happiness Workshop, is coming out with a new book this year called WITH vs AT, and is on a mission to waylay negativity and bullying in the workplace. 

Kyla is the recipient of multiple teaching awards and to be honest, is just plain fun!  I would list intelligence at the top of Kyla’s traits, right along with being a good friend.  She is choosing to be happy, exercising her happiness muscle, and in this podcast is inviting us to do the same.  She loves to travel and is taking her message to the masses.  Jump on in and be inspired!

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KYLA MITSUNAGA  is a Global Happiness Coach/Women’s Empowerment Coach/Speaker/Award-Winning Professor/Founder of The Happiness Workshop. She realized her true calling and passion when she won her first teaching award at Harvard. She went on to teach at Yonsei University in Seoul for 7 years creating unique and innovative content for classes such as Career Development, Global Issues, Cross-Cultural Communication.

Kyla even created a course on Happiness for Freshman and won multiple teaching awards. In 2012, she was invited to be a TED@Seoul speaker. She recently trademarked her TED Talk title WITH vs AT and turned it into a book as well. She has delivered innovative and dynamic corporate workshops as well as practiced one-on-one coaching all over the globe.

When not speaking or workshopping globally, you can find Kyla swimming, baking (without processed sugar), writing, finding the best eats in Korea, and mulling over women’s rights.

Kyla has traveled to 46 countries and called 5 countries “home.”

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