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“Love isn’t something you find, it’s something you create.” The author of The Cosmology of Love: 70+ Ways to Experience Greater Love, Laura Smith Biswas shares the “5 Ways of Loving” to best communicate and receive love in our closest relationships.  I was surprised to learn what 1 of the 5 I was, and was then a bit mystified on nailing down how my husband who is my best friend and lover on what his way of receiving love might be.  I thought I was an expert after a decade of marriage!  This only goes to show you that we all have something to learn and room to grow in the beautiful arena of love. 

Laura shares her own “sucking lemons” moments and how she found the sugar she needed to make “sweet lemonade”. This culminated in her book and now a beautiful partnership at thelovemandala.com with workshops on love.  I know you are going to LOVE (pun intended) today’s podcast interview!

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Laura Smith Biswas, author of The Cosmology of Love: 70+ Ways to Experience Greater Love is focused on teaching tangible ways to love ourselves and experience more love in our close relationships. Her book illuminates how to identify what your top needs are in receiving love, specific ways to help you stoke the fire of intimate relationships and improve your skillset in communicating love in all relationships.   Her work reminds people that love isn’t an accidental thing we find, but something that thrives under conditions that we have the power to cultivate. 

Laura is an entrepreneur and mother of 3 teenage daughters and lives in Westlake Village, CA.  She holds a MS in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and an MBA from Yale University.

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