EP-027 Laurie Blackwell

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Journaling is not only a passion of Laurie’s, but after this interview I realized it was also a passion of mine!  (Maybe it’s something in the name Lauri…:)  Realizing that I already had more of a habit in journaling than I ever knew, Laurie makes it easy to make this a life-long habit or just do it for FUN by taking one of her online courses.  She offers 100 FREE journal prompts on her website and you won’t want to wait to visit with her because she is simply a pleasure and delight.  Enjoy this journaling journey with Laurie Blackwell!

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Laurie Blackwell is a teacher, artist, writer and traveler who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with her husband, cat and dog.  She has been journaling for over 40 years and hosts gatherings for other journalers, both in-person and online.  Laurie believes that expressing yourself on paper is an essential component of self-care, spiritual peace and personal growth.  One of her favorite projects is creating travel journals, which she enjoys sharing with others while encouraging them to make their own.   She has traveled through all 50 states and more than 20 countries, calling herself a modern gypsy.

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