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Keep Moving!  Not only is that the title of Maggie Downie’s new book, it is the words she lives by and teaches.  She is an expert on body movement and especially movement that can alleviate pain.  Come on in to the LLS Podcast interview and learn how the “No Pain, No Gain” movement has hurt us as a culture.  Learn the difference between your superficial muscles and your stabilizer muscles (super important to know the difference ladies – and I had no idea before this interview). 

You will learn that the best movement is what speaks to you and is fun, but you will also learn some great tips that you can start doing today to alleviate pain in your body.  Maggie’s website, personaleuphoria.com has an amazing blog for you to check out as well as resources to her social media pages and her new book, Keep Moving!  Don’t wait to start feeling better…listen now!

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Maggie Downie is the founder of Personal Euphoria, a fitness and wellness company, where she has been helping her clients reduce pain since 2005. She co-founded PEEPs in Motion, which offers online Workshops for Wellness–programs designed to keep people moving and reduce pain.

Maggie lives in Connecticut, and enjoys doing planks in different parts of the world, seeking adventures, climbing mountains, and chocolate.  She loves being in motion, but when she’s not, you can find her researching the body to better understand how movement can help us live and feel better.  Most recently she wrote Keep Moving: Take Steps to Relieve Pain & Improve Your Life.

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