EP-089 Marnie Nir

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Sex, Love, Romance – it’s the month to really focus on these things whether you are single, newlyweds, new moms, or empty-nesters.  Truly love can be found for all of us at any age and any stage.  Marnie Nir is an expert in the Love and Life Coaching department with years of experience that we tap into during this podcast.  True to her word of having a truck-driver mouth, Marnie is also full of wit, wisdom, compassion, sincerity, and fun!  Listen to us have some serious (not so serious) girl talk about our 3 H’s…are your 3 H’s all 100%??  Listen in to find out how they can be with some sizzling talk on love and sex for this awesome Love Month of February!

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Humor, compassion and candor led Marnie into the world of Love and Life Coaching for the Handel Group Life Coaching, where she is continually inspired by the importance of telling the truth, all the time. She’s a hilarious and accomplished TV comedy writer, partnering with Eva Longoria on Marnie’s original animated Hulu series “Mother Up.”

Marnie teaches us how to build our own muscle of personal integrity, to help us transform our relationships. Her Workshops and Circles are not for the faint of heart; she pushes us to start taking some responsibility for our sh*t. (Oh, and Marnie’s potty mouth has earned her an “R” rating; don’t say I didn’t warn!)

Having been married for more than 18 years, Marnie particularly enjoys working with wives, mothers and singles, because she is well-acquainted with the challenges they face and speaks b*#ch, martyr and chicken fluently. Marnie offers her clients the tools they need to author the lives they want, with wit, sincerity and her occasional truck-driver mouth. She lives in Pound Ridge, NY with her husband and two children.

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