EP-107 Melissa Lloyd

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Doodling has never taken on this kind of fun wrapped in sophistication.  It is no longer frowned upon if you were a doodler in school and is in fact proven to help us build self-love, creativity, and confidence!  It is a fun way to de-stress and is what Melissa Lloyd calls active mindful meditation. Come on in to this podcast and learn not only about doodlelovely.com, but find out the benefits of single-tasking vs multi-tasking, Melissa’s version of #Recess, and even a simple exercise you can do today to start your doodling journey of self-care.  I literally finished this interview and got online to order Melissa’s Creative Mind, Happy Soul Journal because it sounds so amazing!  Enjoy the podcast and then follow Melissa on social media @DoodleLovely – I feel more creative and happy already!

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Melissa Lloyd is a Self-Care Through Creativity advocate! She supports individuals on their journey to discover more calm, clarity, creativity and confidence in their world to live a happier and healthier life! 

Melissa holds a Bachelors in Communication Design from the Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design. Melissa has taken various Art Therapy courses and is currently completing a Diploma in Mindfulness. Her 20 plus years in the creative industry have literally taken her around the world. Melissa built an award-winning design company in London UK and now successfully runs Doodle Lovely back home on the East Coast of Canada!

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