EP-120 Melissa Monte

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Self-educated through reading countless books, surviving harrowing life experiences, and utilizing dogged determination, Melissa Monte knows the ropes of what it takes to live your truth.  She is the hostess behind the super popular, heartfelt podcast “Mind Love” with over 150,000 downloads per month and is an explorer of mindset shifts and positive energy.  Plus, she is just witty and fun!  Come on in and enjoy this uplifting chat with Melissa Monte!

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Melissa Monte is one of today’s influential and thought-provoking explorers of the mindset and positive energy. 

Melissa has lived through what some call extreme life experience, suffering multiple traumas in a short period of time, which eventually manifested into a dangerous eating disorder and chronic intestinal damage.

Her countless hours of research and self-experimentation guided by her desire to heal her body and mind contribute to her vast knowledge of improving the human condition.

On her popular, heartfelt podcast “Mind Love,” she discusses mindset shifts, modern mindfulness and the universal truths of success through raw stories, personal experience and inspiring interviews.

  • Facebook/Instagram: @mindlovepodcast

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