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“Hooking” takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to Meryl Cook.  Her path of homeopathy to breast cancer, how she healed through rug-hooking and journaling, and ultimately how she let her creative self come out of the closet in 2016 is an incredible journey filled with courage, bravery, tears, and finding positivity and healing along the way.  Meryl is now an accomplished authoress, speaker, and workshop facilitator in helping others find their way in their own healing process, no matter the illness of physical or emotional pain.  She is famously the beautiful silver-haired lady with blue glasses and is learning lessons in life a whole new way.  Enjoy this podcast and let her help you in your journey as well.

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Meryl Cook is an author, speaker, creativity workshop leader and contemporary rug hooking artist from Nova Scotia. Meryl brings her lifetime of work in the healing arts together with her experience as an artist and contemporary rug hooker to her exploration of rug hooking as a healing art. 

Meryl has developed a process which includes writing on the linen around her design to highlight the inspiration for each mat, selection of colours based on Chakra Colour theory, and a technique of following the healing energy to design her healing mats.

She launched her hugely popular book One Loop at a Time, a story of rug hooking, healing and creativity in January 2017. Her second book One Loop at a Time, The Creativity Workbook was launched in November 2017. 

A former homeopath, Meryl stepped aside from patient care to rediscover her life’s purpose following her diagnosis of breast cancer in 2015.  She uses her experience to inspire others to embrace creativity as a means to get unstuck and move forward in life. 

Meryl’s motto for 2018 is Choose Joy.

Visit merylcook.ca where you can “hook” up with Meryl twice a month in your inbox when she sends out her Heart Notes in her twice monthly email.  I’m subscribed and love it!  They are quite lovely, short and sweet, and bound to make you smile.

Facebook: @MerylACook

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