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Positive Minded People the book is sure to impress!  Michelle is one of nine authors who were asked to share their stories of turning lemons into lemonade and she doesn’t disappoint.  Michelle has learned through struggles to trust her intuition and find gratitude in her daily living.  From moving across the country to follow her gut (and her gut was right since she’s been in California now for 19 years!) to staring down doctors until one listened to her when she knew something was truly wrong, this woman has learned what it takes to stand on her own two feet and be heard.  No one knows you like you do.  Welcome to this positivity podcast where we share our ills and celebrate our joys…together.

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Michelle Paquette began her writing career at the tender age of 10, winning many school accolades and awards. Since that time, her writing career has included work as a Magazine Editor and Freelance Writer, covering a multitude of genres. Her professional roles have included Script Reader, Screenwriter Coach, Marketing Director, Corporate Spokesperson, Motivational Speaker, Public Relations Guru, and Media Coach. For the past decade, Michelle has worked with corporations both domestic and international in all areas of communications and marketing developing strategic partnerships, conducting media interviews, organizing press conferences and attending industry events and trade shows.

Michelle holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and English. She is one of nine authors in the recently released book, Positive Minded People, an inspirational book which highlights overcoming adversity for living a more positive life and was just released this month and is available at positivemindedpeople.com!

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