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Homeopathy may have been established in the early 1800’s, but it is still a mystery to many.  Today’s guest is a Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine, Nancy Sacks, whom I’ve had the privilege to not only interview, but to see her as her patient.  I believe in holistic healing. Homeopathy is truly a holistic approach to helping your body heal from whatever is ailing it – and I’m not just talking about physical ailments, but perhaps emotional, spiritual, and certainly therapeutic ways. 

Nancy brings an extensive knowledge of healing, a history of her own healing journey, and culminates this into a “safe holistic haven” for any who are in search of a comfortable, safe space, real life approach to healing themselves.  Nancy is fun, down to earth, and if you never really wrapped your head around how homeopathy can help?  This is the podcast for you!

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Nancy Sack’s formal holistic education began after a life–changing personal experience with homeopathy. She had been actively involved with nutrition, homeopathy and spirituality since the early 1980´s, taking classes and seminars for her personal knowledge and use. At the time, Nancy was suffering from some health issues that were not being handled by western medical doctors. She sought relief from complementary medicine, nutrition and homeopathy. By working with these modalities, she was not only able to resolve her acute health issues, but some long–standing chronic health issues as well. It was then that Nancy decided to dedicate her life to helping others who were suffering, yet not finding answers to their health problems through conventional means.

Nancy’s quest is always to uncover the core reasons why you have dis–ease patterns in your life. She combines her extensive education with clinical knowledge, intuitive skills and the data from the QXCI machine to assess your individual needs. Nancy treats people – not diseases. Everything is taken into consideration. Your environment and lifestyle, who you are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to determine the underlying reasons for the issues you are experiencing. Her holistic approach is like detective work; every clue is necessary and important in helping to figure it all out!

Passionate about client education – an important aspect of the healing process, Nancy believes that you deserve to feel empowered about your health and well being. For this reason she takes the time to explain everything each step of the way. She feels strongly that together she can help you get to the root of the problems and fix them. Her role is to facilitate your process. In order to do this effectively, she imparts important, relevant information to you, thus creating the power to understand, and the motivation to sustain your healing process long after your time together is over.

Nancy has seen truly amazing results with so many of her wonderful clients. She stays committed to continually updating her knowledge-base to provide you with the best available options during your healing process. It is Nancy’s belief that holistic medicine offers a profound and natural option to those of us who truly want to heal.

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