EP-088 Orion Talmay

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Tapping into your divine feminine energy to become a love magnet as an AlphaGoddess – this is what Orion does. She has lived through the most abusive relationships, struggled through depression and loneliness, but found that first baby step through humor, then surrender through deep self-care. These steps led her to the love of her life and a career she is ridiculously passionate about. Jump into this Love Month podcast and learn how to trust yourself, find the courage and confidence you need, then jump on over to Orion’s website at orionsmethod.com and download your FREE 7-Day Love Challenge that only comes once a year. Love is in the air!

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Orion Talmay is a love coach and self-proclaimed “Phoenix”, who rose from the ashes of an abusive relationship to become the strong, self-loving woman she is today. Orion is an empowering role model to successful women, business owners or entrepreneurs who are looking to connect with self-love and take care of themselves more: physically, spiritually and emotionally. Orion has contributed to the Huffington Post and even runs her own podcast on the subject called Stellar Life.

Orion has great advice to share about relationships, and how they require individual introspection and personal development work…in other words, self-love. Orion has had both positive and negative relationships, and although she does not care to focus on her own personal bout with dark times and depression, she does use that experience to illustrate the tools and insight needed to regain that ever-important sense of self-worth. She is a shining example of how you can’t truly love another until you love yourself!

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