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Tap, tap, tapping!  I’ll admit, prior to this interview I was a virgin tapper, but EFT tapping has intrigued me and I’m betting by the end of this episode you’ll be doing a deep dive as well.  Why?  Because anything in our crazy lives that can bring a sense of calm and self-awareness is worth the try!  Pam’s new book, The Power In Your Fingertips: Calm the Chaos and Lower your Stress in 15 Minutes or Less! is available now on Amazon.  Feeling overwhelmed?  Just open up that section of the book and follow the tapping sequence.  Getting kicked around by your inner critic?  Open up the bonus section of her book and tap it away.  Listen, this tapping thing is here to stay and is even now being used on soldiers with PTSD.  Give it a go!  Listen to this episode and then follow Pam Horne on social media – her zone of genius is in deep healing and greater expansion in your life and business.  Happy tapping!

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Pam Horne is a Transformational Success Coach and the owner of Winding Path Success Coaching specializing in two overlapping areas:  1) Finding and clearing the hidden blocks and paradigms that keep us stuck around money and 2) Empowering people to reach their greatest potential through deep forgiveness of themselves and others. Pam is also the author of the new book The Power In Your Fingertips: Calm the Chaos and Lower your Stress in 15 Minutes or Less! – An EFT Handbook for Moms.

She’s been a stay at home wife for almost 17 years, and a stay at home mom for over 15. In that time, she’s lived in 5 U.S. states plus Canada off and on during her husbands’ military deployments. Due to the mobile lifestyle not always coinciding nicely with the school years, and the the sheer number of schools her daughter attended in the first 5 grades of school, she became a home-schooling mom.

When her life stabilized enough that she could “retire” from homeschooling and put the kids back into a more stable school situation, she decided she needed more in her life than homemaking. Pam’s next chapter included training as a certified Tapping Into Wealth coach then continued on to an Ignite Your Power mastery certification and set up shop as a Transformational Success Coach helping others to grow beyond their conscious and subconscious limits and barriers. 

In her coaching business she loves giving women incredible eye-opening moments of consciousness and clarity around their limiting beliefs and fears, then helping them to heal and clear them so they can stretch and grow beyond their wildest dreams. Working one-on-one or in small groups is fulfilling and wonderful, but Pam still felt that she needed to make a larger impact and share her knowledge with as many moms as possible, which was the impetus for her first book, An EFT Handbook for Moms.  As someone who has experienced a moment or two of stress and self-limiting beliefs in her “career” as a homeschooling mom and military wife, her passion is helping women to burst beyond those barriers into a life of success, confidence, pure joy, and happiness.

  • For those of you who are interested in one-on-one coaching for deeper healing and greater expansion in your business and life will be able to contact Pam or book a Free Clarity Session to get clear on your goals and what is blocking you from taking action toward reaching them through her website at windingpathsuccess.com.

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