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Body Language Expert?  Yes!  RB Kelly is just that.  I’m reminded of the scene in Little Mermaid when Ursula is convincing Arial to become human and she says “Never underestimate the power of body language” as she shook her enormous hips before stealing Arial’s voice.  Arial then needs to convince Eric to kiss her without just any kiss, but true love’s kiss.  Without Ursula’s ensuing interference she would have done just that – all without speaking a word. 

Body Language is oh so important in our romantic relationships, our business relationships, our friendships, even as a defense against would-be predators.  RB is amazingly gifted in her training of speaking the right body language for corporations, for personal relationships, and even teaching teenagers how to talk to each other without using texts or Snapchat.  This episode will teach you methods you can employ straight away to improve your relationships – my favorite was all about playing footsies!  Come on in and enjoy this super fun episode with RB Kelly, THE Body Language Boss.

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RB likes fast things – motorcycles, ziplines, and first impressions. 

She likes fun things – playing games, people-watching, and public speaking.

And, she likes cool things – leather jackets, lie detection, and science!

RB is a certified body language expert, and she’s best known for her work training business professionals in the 4 key traits you need to succeed with people – that is, the DIAL Method. She works with corporations, executives, and sales teams and trains them to be more effective communicators, persuaders, and leaders, resulting in less wasted time, increased loyalty and satisfaction, and more dollars in the bottom line.

Growing up, RB’s parents thought she was slightly autistic because she had such a hard time reading people and connecting to people. She started studying body language in high school to try and figure people out. Her early attempts ended in horrible failure (really – so horrible. You’ll laugh so hard) but eventually she started to figure this body language stuff out.

She met and married her husband, and then she finally found the thing she was looking for -Science of People, a private human behavior research lab where she applied to their trainer certification program. After 6 months of rigorous study, she was formally certified as an official body language trainer, and she’s been working to help business professionals create the life of their dreams, one conversation at a time -ever since.

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