EP-058 Samantha Russell

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Emotional Eating has met it’s match!  Samantha Russell, or “Sam” as she likes to be referred to is an Eating Psychology Coach who works with women of all shapes and sizes in addressing their emotional eating challenges.  YOU ARE NOT BROKEN.  Therefore, you don’t need to be fixed.  Healing is her preferred method and she has a knowledge base, kindness, and skills to help you on your journey.  Listen the podcast, take advantage of her Freebies on livethewhole.com and then I dare you to not want more from this incredible woman.

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Samantha Russell is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach who works with women who struggle with emotional eating and weight gain. Working hand-in-hand with Samantha helps you uncover the root causes of unwanted eating and food addiction so you can heal, lose weight, and feel awesome!  She knows what it’s like to struggle and eat in a way that doesn’t serve you – Samantha is here to help you create a better way.

  • Website:  livethewhole.com
  • Social Media:  Facebook & Pinterest @livethewhole

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