EP-108 Sara Blanchard

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Connections are the lifeline of women.  Connections with our authentic selves, connections with family and friends, connections with our business colleagues and Sara Blanchard is an expert in all of them!  Break out of your cycle of making yourself power through something and do what Sara suggests, “The reality is, humans are social creatures, and we do our best when we are connected in a web of relationships that support us.”  This podcast talks all about these connections and teaches you how to get to know yourself better through encouraging play and even laughter (can you imagine?). Since learning about Sara and doing this interview I have upped my game in my connections with girlfriends.  I’ve reached out through voicemail messages, set up movie dates and even a double date with one with our hubbies.  The proof is in the pudding – this works!  Sara is an inspiration.  If you are feeling like you could improve your relationships, this podcast is DEFINITELY for you!

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Sara Blanchard is a happiness consultant and facilitator who helps you build quality relationships that support your best work. She holds safe space for a loosely associated group to peel back the layers and connect authentically through a deep level of conscious conversation.  For over 10 years, Sara has pursued the science and techniques of well-being. As a trained life coach, author of Flex Mom, and champion for women who speaks the language of corporate America – having worked at Goldman Sachs and having taught positive psychology at Harvard – Sara bridges the gap between the serious mission of supporting a long-lasting, successful business, and the lighthearted yet impactful actions that build quality relationships and happiness for you and your people.

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