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“Actively loving ourselves in a society that does its hardest to tell us we need fixing is a major accomplishment.  Saying “I’m worthy as I am” is pretty rebellious when every brand, every commercial you see wants you to believe you are too fat, too thin, too saggy, too perky, too old, too young, too grey or too vibrant to be whole.” This quote is by Sarah Sapora who is not afraid to be irreverent and bold in getting her message out into the world about self-love while at the same time showing grace, compassion and sensitivity to those in need.  Sarah says that, “Life is meant to be lived. It is beautiful, messy, and colorful. It is our job to show up, live authentically, and spread the Love in whatever way we can.”  Come join her at her table (or in this case this podcast) and “Rise the Eff Up!”  If you love what you hear, please consider joining Sarah at her amazing Body + Love Workshop in Las Vegas next month!  Just go to bodyloveworkshop.com and join the party!  (Seriously amazing pricing on this by the way…check it out soon before the price goes up!)

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Sarah Sapora loves cowboy boots, strength-training, and is a certified KRI Kundalini Yoga teacher. She is a woman on a wellness journey, a self-love mentor and the founder of the Body + Love Workshop, a size-inclusive personal growth and holistic wellness workshop. Her motto, “Rise The Eff Up,” reminds us that creating our greatest life is possible at any age, weight, or point in our life. We are all worthy of love in our life EXACTLY as we are!

Sarah has spent the majority of her career working in marketing and public relations for brands catering to women. She is the former marketing gal for Chippendales (yes, Chippendales) and spent seven years working directly in women’s plus size fashion. She has been featured online in a variety of places, including Women’s Health, The Today Show, Refinery 29, Allure, and Bustle. You can also find Sarah in print on the newsstands, writing columns for Mantra Magazine and FabUPlus. In addition to the workshop, Sarah runs a monthly mentorship group called Rise Up With Sarah, guiding women to create their greatest life from changes fueled by self-love.

If you have little ears listening to this episode please consider that we will be using a few expletives – you’ve been warned.

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